About our company

The company LabProfit specializes in the sales of vacuum products and the production of vacuum systems: vacuum magnetron deposition systems, resistive coating systems, electron-beam vacuum deposition systems) and offering services in the vacuum coating field. The selection of the laboratory vacuum deposition systems offered by us is fairly wide –  we offer several series of the systems.

As a trading company, LabProfit supplies vacuum pumps, vacuum fittings, vacuum valves, vacuum gate valves, vacuum hoses and bellows, components for vacuum systems and vacuum deposition systems: vacuum windows, magnetrons, power supplies, mass flow controllers, thin film measurement equipment.


 Intellectual strengths of LabProfit

The company LabProfit is settled in the Almaty, which has a glorious and and lengthy past in productions of complex components for the high-tech industries, Universities, R&D companies of Kazakhstan.

Highly motivated and qualified engineers, new machine for metal working and metal treatment, a laboratory for research of vacuum processes, all this acts as reassurance to our clients, that they are working with a team of professionals.



Mezhdunarodnaya Street, 73, office 3,
Almaty, 050037, Kazakhstan


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